Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010

Blumen / flowers

Und nocheinmal ein neues Projekt dem ich nicht widerstehen konnte. Freu mich sehr darauf! Ihr findet den Link auf der Seite. Ich werde meine Restekiste dafür brauchen!
And again a new project that I couldn't resist. I am really looking forward to it! You can find the link in my sidebar. I will use my scraps for those!

Und das sind sie, die ersten Blumen! Ich arbeite sie nach der Inklingomethode. Ein Tutorial findet ihr hier auf quilt obsession.
And there they are the first flowers! I am doing them with the inklingo method. A tutorial you can find here at quilt obsession.

Hugs Martina


Fiesta hat gesagt…

your flowers are great

Melissa hat gesagt…

Your flowers look wonderful. I don't think I could ever use that method. I don't think I could make a straight seam!

Karen hat gesagt…

Beautiful flowers Martina! I'm English paper piecing, but one day, I too will hand piece a garden. I can't wait to see more!

Sheila hat gesagt…

Martina , what beautiful flowers you have made and welcome to our ever growing group of flower gardens . I just have to tell you our son lived not far from Basel a few years ago , not sure of the spelling now but it was in Oberdorf .I had the priviledge of visiting your beautiful country .

Valentina hat gesagt…

Oh Martina, welcome and what a gorgeous start to your garden!
I am so happy to be sharing this project with you!
Greetings from Cyprus,

Joan hat gesagt…

I am visitng you in your garden - lovely flowers there. I look forward to seeing you again for One Flower Wednesdays

Cathi hat gesagt…

Beautiful flowers!! Great start to a garden full of them. :-)