Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010

A christmas wish - BOM 2009 von Gail Pan

Mein "christmas wish" ist bereit zum quilten! Schon längere Zeit hatte ich diese Stöffchen von Debbie Mumm herumliegen und das ist nun daraus geworden.

My "christmas wish" is ready to be quilted! For a long while I had these fabrics from Debbie Mumm and this is what came out now!

 Ich habe den Block "magic" umgewandelt in "grace" weil für mich Weihnachten auch viel mit Gnade zu tun hat.
I changed the block "magic" into "grace" because for me christmas also has a lot to do with grace.

Hugs Martina


West Michigan Quilter hat gesagt…

How beautiful. I love your "grace" block. Very nicely done.

Jutta...stoffundnadel... hat gesagt…

Liebe Martina,
wow, welch hübsche Farbzusammenstellung, ich freue mich schon auf den fertigen Quilt !!!!
Toll, toll, toll !!!!
Deine Jutta

Molly Mandeville Fryer hat gesagt…

Great Job, Martina--you visited my blog and I didn't respond as your message did not come into my inbox for some reason. I am so sorry as I was so excited not only that you came by, but that you commented!! I have all the links working great now and hope you will come back and try my new Block of the Month. Thanks again.
Molly's Place

Béa hat gesagt…

Beautiful choice of fabrics & colours !
Hugs from France