Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

word up sewing party ...2

 So I just decided to have the party only written in english. Otherwise it will just take to much time! And all of you joining out there anyway do understand english, right?!
As here in Switzerland it is already evening , it is eight o'clock now, I did start my stitchings in the afternoon. So I am very happy, that the stitchery part is already finished and I can go on with the creation part. Actually I thought to make a cushion, but at the moment I am really not sure. What else could I do which would be in my eyes for the whole year? So let me get some snacks out of the kitchen and think this through again.....


A small detail which I quite like. When I stitched the word listen (hören) it happend that I made a little gap between the e and n which I really didn't like. So the bird got a heart more to carry. Now the interesting thing is, that in German the word hören means to listen ( just the verb) and höre means listen!( exclamation word). So the word hören just ended up to be a very personal exclamation (höre) for me! Isn't this great?
Oh, and I just wanted to write the words from gospel John in english to you. (sorry I have to do my own translation because I do not have an english bible around)
My sheep listen to my voice. I know them and they follow me and nobody can take them out of my hands!

Now, I will get my snacks , see you later!

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JCnNC hat gesagt…

What a cute sewing project you did - lovely.